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Ma2 WidgetTabs Free - Installation and configuration

Ma2 Widget Tabs free module for Magento - frontend view

This tutorial show you how to install and configure Ma2 WidgetTabs module FREE version for Magento Community.

We assume that your site url is http://domain.tld/ and the backend url is http://domain.tld/index.php/admin/.


1. Install Ma2 WidgetTabs Free

  1. After downloaded module package, please extract the compressed package file on your computer.
  2. Copy or upload all folders (app, skin, js) to your root directory of your Magento store installation. It can be /www or /public_html or /htdocs, etc. (*)
  3. Login into store backend, flush all cache or disable all cache in System -> Cache Management.
  4. Logout from backend.
  5. Login into backend again. The extensions should be installed and you can use it.

(*) Please notice that you should rename the design packge and themes folder to match your design package and theme directory name before upload. Please see below example directory structure:

| +---code
| |
| +---design
| | \---frontend
| | \---default (rename this folder to your design package name)
| | \---default (rename this folder to your design theme name)
| | +---layout
| | +---template
| |
| +---etc
\---default (rename this folder to your design package name)
\---default (rename this folder to your design theme name)


2. Work with Ma2 WidgetTabs Free

All you have to do is create a widget instance of Ma2 WidgetTabs Free and configure it to show out at frontend at where you want.


Go to CMS -> Widgets and create a new widget instance from module ( widget type ) "Ma2 WidgetTabs Free". Add Layout update to specify in which page and at where position the widget tabs will be displayed.

At the WidgetTabs Free's widget options, type the tabs' title and tabs' content. You can use "Add more tabs..." button to add more tab item or use "Remove tab" button to remove an item.

After edit tab item title and content, click "Save tabs" button at the bottom.

After completely edit widget instance, please click "Save" or "Save and Continue Edit" button at the toolbar to save the widget instance.

Ma2 WidgetTabs - Widget OptionsMa2 WidgetTabs Free - Widget Options


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