Ma2 Manufacturers module FREE - Installation and configuration

Ma2 Manufacturers - Shop by Manufacturers

Ma2 Manufacturers free module for Magento CE helps you introduce to customers your featured or all manufacturers / brands. This module allows you upload manufacturers' logo and configure many display options.

It is also called Shop by Manufacturer module that allows visistors quickly find the products via manufacturers / brands.

This tutorial show you how to install Ma2 Manufacturers / Shop by Manufacturer for Magento Community and configure it.

We assume that your site url is http://domain.tld/ and the backend url is http://domain.tld/index.php/admin/.



1. Install Ma2 Manufacturers manually

  1. After downloaded module package, please extract the compressed package file on your computer.
  2. Copy or upload all folders (app, skin, js) in "upload" directory to your root directory of your Magento store installation. It can be /www or /public_html or /htdocs, etc. (*)
  3. Login into store backend, flush all cache or disable all cache in System -> Cache Management.
  4. Logout from backend.
  5. Login into backend again. The extensions should be installed and you can use it.

(*) Please notice that you should rename the design packge and themes folder to match your design package and theme directory name before upload. Please see below example directory structure:

| +---code
| |
| +---design
| | \---frontend
| | \---default (rename this folder to your design package name)
| | \---default (rename this folder to your design theme name)
| | +---layout
| | +---template
| |
| +---etc
\---default (rename this folder to your design package name)
\---default (rename this folder to your design theme name)

Once installed, in backend you can see the menu items of Manufacturers module like this

Ma2 Manufacturers backend menu items Ma2 Manufacturers backend menu items


2. Configuration

From backend, navigate to Ma2Ma2 ManufacturersConfigurations, the configuration page appears as below screenshot.

Ma2 Manufacturers backend configuration Ma2 Manufacturers backend configuration
Ma2 Manufacturers configuration options
Option Label Values Default Description
Manufacturers attribute code <attribute_code> manufacturer The attribute code that used for products manufacturer.
Thumbnail width <a_number> 120 The width of manufacturer image/logo in pixel.
Thumbnail height <a_number> 60 The height of manufacturer image/logo in pixel.
Specify dimension for image tag YES/NO YES Choose YES to put 'width="Wpx" height="Hpx"' in <img> tag. Where Wpx and Hpx is defined by thumbnail width and height.
Resize images when upload YES/NO NO Choose YES to enable resizing image when upload in backend. The resized dimension is defined by above thumbnail width and thumbnail height.

Once done your settings, click "Save Config" button and you are done the preparation.


Catalog attribute setup

From backend, go to CatalogAttributesManage Attributes. Find your attribute ("manufacturer" for example) and edit it.

Configure attribute to be used in Advanced Search Configure attribute to be used in Advanced Search

In "Frontend Properties" section, choose "Use in Advanced Search" to YES, then save.

You are now done the basic configurations. Next, we will upload images for manufacturers.

3. Upload image as manufacturer logo

From backend, navigate to Ma2Ma2 ManufacturersManufacturers Images, the manager page appears as below screenshot.

Ma2 Manfacturers backend manager Ma2 Manfacturers backend manager

From this management page, for each manufacturer please browse image/logo files in your computer to upload and when done please remember to click "Save" button.

If you choose setting "Resize images when upload" as YES, when upload images, it will resize images to specified dimension but keep the constrain.

All images will be saved in /media/manufacturers/ and /media/manufacturers/resized/.


4. Ways to display Ma2 Manufacturers block at frontend

There are two ways to display manufacturers block out at frontend: CMS shortcode and XML layout update. Along to this section, you can see our demontration page (Ma2 Manufacturers demos) to know more.

4.1. Use CMS shortcode to display Ma2 Manufacturers blocks

You can put shortcode into either CMS block content and CMS page content.

The shortened syntax:

{ {block type="manufacturers/list" template="ma2_manufacturers/TEMPLATE_NAME.phtml"} }

Note: No space between two opening braces and no space between two closing braces.

For full shortcode options, please see below table.

Ma2 Manufacturers block shortcode options
Values Default Description
template <template_path> default.phtml There are 3 templates shipped with this module for demo. They are:

  • ma2_manufacturers/default.phtml (List view)
  • ma2_manufacturers/grid.phtml (Grid view)
  • ma2_manufacturers/slider.phtml (Carousel Slider)
show_logo 0|1 1 Manufacturer logo is displayed as default
show_name 0|1 1 Manufacturer name is displayed as default
show_product_count 0|1 0 Choose 1 to show products count for that manufacturer
grid_col <a_number> 6 For number of products per row (Used in Grid template for example) or number of products per block (Used in Slider template for example)
included <list of manufacturer ids> - Display selected manufacturers only (via list of manufacturers' id). These IDs can found in "Manufacturers and Images" page.Example: included="1, 5, 23, 88"
excluded <list of manufacturer ids> - Display all manufacturers excepts specified manufacturers (via list of manufacturers' id).Example: excluded="2, 4, 9, 21"
Note: included and excluded options should not be used togerther, certainly.


4.2. Use XML layout update to display Ma2 Manufacturers blocks

Edit your template xml layout file (normally local.xml) or via backend layout update, reference to where you want to display Manufacturers block and insert XML code with this syntax:

<block type="manufacturers/list" name="ma2.manufacturers" as="ma2_manufacturers" template="ma2_manufacturers/default.phtml"></block>

Above is the shortened syntax. You can add more options. See section 4.1 to know more and see some more examples below.

<block type="manufacturers/list" name="ma2.manufacturers" as="ma2_manufacturers" template="ma2_manufacturers/default.phtml">
    <action method="setTitle"><title>Shop by Brands</title></action>
    <action method="setShowLogo"><show_logo>0</show_logo></action>
    <action method="setShowProductCount"><show_product_count>1</show_product_count></action>

You can see that changing "option_name" to "getOptionName" is the familiar doing when work with Magento.